Saturday, 3 December 2011

3rd Dressember 2011

Day 3, first casual dress of the season.

Dressember, and taking photos of myself again, has already had a big impact on me. After looking at the photos I have made a decision. I have decided, that whatever the scales tell me, *this* is my goal weight!

I have been struggling to get back down to my previous goal weight for ages, well, in fact, since my 40th birthday! I've not been a particularly strict dieter, but even when I was, I could get this far, and no lower. I'm about 7lbs heavier currently than my goal weight.

So I have decided that actually I think I look pretty dang good at the moment - and maybe half a stone lighter would be too skinny. So, as of this morning, I reset my goal weight!

and actually, I feel gooooood :-)

Dress and Leggings: Next (via ebay)

Top: Dorothy Perkins

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