Sunday, 4 December 2011

4th Dressember 2011

The 4th day of Dressember already! Today is my Granny's 98th Birthday, and we had a family lunch out with her to celebrate :-) I wore this dress, which is sheer, with a little underdress. I popped on my burgundy tights for a change, and wore my rather comfy mary janes.

As it was rather chilly out I popped my trench coat over the top, with my lovely Blend scarf, and my rather "special" christmas badge!

I was rather pleased with this - it's a Christmas decoration from Accessorize, and I cut the hanger off, and sewed a safety pin on the back :-)

Kira decided to join in with Dressember as well today - I didn't realise how tall she was growing!

Both Dresses: Next (mine via ebay)

Shoes: M&S

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