Sunday, 30 December 2012

30th Dressember 2012

This is a new look dress, which again made it's way to me via eBay :-)

Met up with some friends today and we did a 3 mile walk, then headed back to theirs for bacon sarnies :-).

Spent the rest of the afternoon visiting my Mum, who is still very poorly, but was perkier today.

I'll leave you today with this shot which S spent ages waving my phone around trying to get the antlers in the right place!

29th Dressember 2012

Today didn't turn out quite as planned! First thing this morning I decided I was fat and unfit, and needed to do something about it, so I decided to start the "couch to 5k" programme. O. M. G! It very nearly killed me, I tell you!
So after that I was the colour of a beetroot, so decided to wait to have my photo taken until after we had been to friends for lunch and a silly games afternoon.
We got home about 6.30 to 2 messages on the answer phone saying my Mum was in hospital, so I then had to hop over to see her. (She's going to be fine!). So the photo above was taken in between getting in and dashing out again!

After sitting with Mum and her other half for several hours, while they waited for a consultant and a bed on ward, I finally got home and found someone to take another photo, in better light, but a messy setting and I look rather tired!
Anyway - this is a denim dress with a star pattern from Dorothy Perkins, which came my way via eBay. I teamed it with the last of my new silver by mail haul!

Have I got a photo to leave you with today? Let's see....

Cute kitten with a moustache?

Friday, 28 December 2012

28th Dressember 2012 - part 2

We're off out for drinks and nibbles at our friends house this evening, so a quick bath and another dress was called for!

This is a red herring dress which I picked up for a song on eBay - not realising that it had a very peculiar mullet hem. I decided that I could have a go with my sewing machine (I have zero sewing skills - why I thought this might be a good idea I still don't really know!) and hacked at it with a pair of scissors in an attempt to straighten in out.

As you can imagine I ended up with a right old mess, and had to take the whole thing very shame faced to my mum, who is a bit handy with this sort of thing. After berating me, then laughing at me, she managed to sort it out, but had to make it quite short to be able to rectify my hacking!

28th Dressember 2012

Day 28, and I was back to work today. We were allowed to wear casual clothes, so a lot of the others (although there weren't many of us there!) we in jeans, but I frocked on!

It was only when I was about to leave the house that I realised where I had seen my colour scheme from! :-)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

27th Dressember 2012

Another dress that won't be staying in the wardrobe after today's wearing!

Had a lazy day today, lounged about this morning, and then had a saunter around the sales this afternoon - the only thing I bought were a pair of black ballet pumps, reduced from £20 to £10, and which were something that I was missing from my wardrobe :-)

Back to work tomorrow, but we do have a bit of a social whirl coming up, with something planned with friends for the next 4 days!

Another couple of bits from my silver by mail haul today :-)

And I'll leave you today with a photo of my daft cat in his favourite "supercat" pose!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

26th Dressember 2012

I'm not happy with this dress today - there are too many gathers under the empire line for my tummy heavy figure, making it look for all the world like a maternity smock! Not good! It will be going straight in the eBay pile tonight lol!

I think it looks better from the back!
And I'll leave you today with this shot my snap happy photographer caught as I left the house for my photo - looks like I was in a bit of a hurry lol!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25th Dressember 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! This isn't a particularly good shot of this dress, but it's lovely stretchy jersey (perfect for mahoosive lunch!) with a bubble hem. It does look so much better with heels, but S got me turquoise converse (with leopard print double tongues!) amongst many other things, so I had to give them an outing!

I also got this lovely starfish pendant (and matching earrings), along with loads of other silver by mail bits (I'd circled a few ideas in the catalogue - he spoilt me rotten and bought them all!)

These pretty little diamanté danglies were also in my haul!

I hope you've all had a lovely day too :-)

I'll leave you today with our Christmas lunch table, all ready for food and people!

Monday, 24 December 2012

24th Dressember 2012

I decided to go comfy for Christmas Eve. S bought me this last Christmas, and it's my go to comfort dress.

It's got a hood and everything!

I'll leave you today with my new nails!

They're stickers, and have gone on really quite well. Lets see how long they last!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

23rd Dressember 2012

Skulls on a Sunday? I bought this from an eBay seller back in the summer, but this is it's first wearing! We went to the local farmers market this morning, and came home with the last few bits we needed for Christmas. I just need to do the wrapping now, and I think we're ready! (Well, lets just say if it's not bought now, it's not getting bought!)

And I'll leave you today with a picture of my outerwear! (I was trying to squish down the recycling to make a bit more space, and S caught this shot, and has very kindly tagged me in it on Facebook, but I thought it showed my outerwear quite well!). I have a range of scarves, but today decided to go double skulls :-)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

22nd Dressember 2012

Rubbish photo today, but it's a dress!

And I'll leave you with a better picture of the slippers my boss gave me for Christmas!

Friday, 21 December 2012

21st Dressember 2012

I've put off wearing today's dress until today, the last day I have to wear smart clothes to the office (I'm working 2 more days this month, but we've been allowed to go casual). It's another eBay purchase, but the pattern is so bold, and it's probably a size too big for me. It's likely to be back on eBay in the new year.

I'll leave you today with Benny's pathetic attempt at a photobomb - need to try harder Jim-Jams!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

20th Dressember 2012

This morning I was stuck for a photographer. K had been taking my photos as we usually leave about the same time, but she has finished school now until January, and was still asleep.

R doesn't start college until later on a Thursday, so whilst she was awake, she was still in bed, and refused to get out! So, I just made her take my photo from her bed!

This dress has an extra bit of material that is tucked up at the front - I call this my Sheiladress, as I'm sure it would suit the lovely Sheila down to the ground (or above the knee!)

And today I will leave you with one of my favourite tree decorations. It's a little papiermache ball, painted gold, and sprinkled with sequins and glitter. I very clearly remember a very very proud just 3 year R bringing it out of nursery - and it has had pride of place on our tree ever since! (Much to her embarrassment lol!)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

19th Dressember 2012

I look like I'm still asleep! I felt like I was still asleep!

Today at the Dressember Facebook page we have declared "Whirling Wednesday"

Here are my attempts!




Oooh, dizzy!

Dress: Gap

I'll leave you today with my "fairy nails". I shamelessly stole this idea from a lady at work - a glittery polish with big chunks - Revlon do a great one - this one is a Barry M, the glitter chunks are smaller, so not as good for this look - but you just splodge it on to the tops of your nails and then pop on a top coat :-)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

18th Dressember 2012

Now, this dress has sat in my wardrobe, unworn, since last Dressember! I'm not sure why!

How do I know I've not worn it all year? You see the little white badge on my chest....

It's one of my Dressember badges! I was wondering where they all were! (I had a set of 5, and could only find 1!)

I'll leave you today with the crazy photo I took yesterday to show my sister what I had exchanged the very tasteful (but rather itchy) circular scarf she gave me for our early Christmas for!

Monday, 17 December 2012

17th Dressember 2012

I wasn't entirely convinced about this dress when I got it in the post from the eBay seller, but actually it's been really comfortable all day. It's not going to win any quirky fashion awards, but it's a perfectly satisfactory "smart but comfy" work dress!

An ambulance drove past with its blue lights on as we were taking photos!

On my walk into work I saw these 2 geese wandering about on the grassy area outside these houses - I think they're a big lost!

And I'll leave you today with what I saw when I got home, my baby girl Frankie, curled up on Steve's Lego advent calendar, on top of the vivarium (it's nice and warm up there!)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

16th Dressember 2012

I completely forgot to take a photo outside while it was still light, so today you get me in front of the tree :-)

Today Rhian has been out at an air cadet thing, and Kira has been out helping my Mum with a Christmas grotto she volunteers at, so we've had a child free day! We took advantage of this, and went out to our local pub for a rather delicious lunch - I've now had 4 roast dinners in 4 days - I'd better take a bit of a break now!

I'll leave you with an outtake from our photo shoot!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

15th Dressember 2012

I think the 15th was the last day I blogged last year - I did frock for the whole month, but somehow life took over and blogging abruptly stopped!

We had a spots or stripes theme today over at Facebook so I wore my Asos dress, which is new. Amber over at Forever Amber showed us hers, backwards, a couple of weeks ago, and I clicked on the link and 5 minutes later it was on it's way to me! I have to say, as expected, Amber looks far more glam in hers, but I do like it! As Amber notes, it is a strange length (midi = frumpy) and my Mum has taken it up by three dots (very technical!). Amber also noted that it's neckline is a little plunging, and again I'd agree - my modesty was saved today by a white vest.

Kira decided to join in today - and (without knowing we had a theme day) chose her little stripy number!

And I'll leave you today with my current view - she's keeping my feet lovely and warm :-)