Saturday, 15 December 2012

14th Dressember, part 2!

Work Christmas party this evening - so of course I needed to whack Dressember up a notch! It most definitely called for sequins!

And it most definitely called for sparkly nails (revlon "facets of fuchsia", if you're interested!)

I asked S how I looked before I left - "purple and sparkly" was his response - I told him that was the look I was going for, so that was good :-)

I was really pleased with this dress, which came from eBay for £10 - it's red herring, and is in immaculately condition - the sequins are under a layer of net, so they're slightly understated (can you get understated sequins?!), but give off a wonderful sparkle in disco lights!

I shall leave you with an action shot where you can see the full sequinny effect - I should add a disclaimer that maybe a little bit of wine had been consumed, and maybe I don't drink wine very often........ :-).


Sheila said...

Ha, I love your last picture! Great dress!

Tat said...

Thank you Sheila :-)

Joanna Haughton said...

Thanks for linking up!

Janine said...

Haha I like it!!! I might need to go and get me some of that nail polish!

Janine xx