Saturday, 15 December 2012

15th Dressember 2012

I think the 15th was the last day I blogged last year - I did frock for the whole month, but somehow life took over and blogging abruptly stopped!

We had a spots or stripes theme today over at Facebook so I wore my Asos dress, which is new. Amber over at Forever Amber showed us hers, backwards, a couple of weeks ago, and I clicked on the link and 5 minutes later it was on it's way to me! I have to say, as expected, Amber looks far more glam in hers, but I do like it! As Amber notes, it is a strange length (midi = frumpy) and my Mum has taken it up by three dots (very technical!). Amber also noted that it's neckline is a little plunging, and again I'd agree - my modesty was saved today by a white vest.

Kira decided to join in today - and (without knowing we had a theme day) chose her little stripy number!

And I'll leave you today with my current view - she's keeping my feet lovely and warm :-)

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