Monday, 17 December 2012

17th Dressember 2012

I wasn't entirely convinced about this dress when I got it in the post from the eBay seller, but actually it's been really comfortable all day. It's not going to win any quirky fashion awards, but it's a perfectly satisfactory "smart but comfy" work dress!

An ambulance drove past with its blue lights on as we were taking photos!

On my walk into work I saw these 2 geese wandering about on the grassy area outside these houses - I think they're a big lost!

And I'll leave you today with what I saw when I got home, my baby girl Frankie, curled up on Steve's Lego advent calendar, on top of the vivarium (it's nice and warm up there!)


Janine said...

I really like this dress, it suits your figure very well (you are very slim!!)

I love how your kitty is called Frankie, my teddy bear is called Frankie and I love him (yes I am 31 years old and have a teddy lol) I want him to come alive like 'Ted' in the film. Frankie came in my bag to see that at the cinema with us, I have no shame lol.

Happy Monday!!

Janine xx

Tat said...

I love that you still have a teddy :-)

Frankie has a brother called Benny :-)