Saturday, 1 December 2012

1st Dressember 2012

Sunshine, so thought I'd head outside for today's photo - and the sunlight really shows up my hair colour - of course I'm a completely natural Blackcurrant lol!

Today's dress is one of my favourites, wonderfully comfortably and very forgiving! I've got enough dresses to see me through, but this one may well get a second outing :-)

Today is my first wearing of my new primark micro fleece tights, which look like thick opaques, but have a wonderfully warm fleece lining - I can't believe I've got to my third Dressember before discovering these!

Today we had a big family gathering at my aunts, as my wonderful Granny Mick will be turning 99 on Tuesday!

Looking good for 99 I think!

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