Thursday, 20 December 2012

20th Dressember 2012

This morning I was stuck for a photographer. K had been taking my photos as we usually leave about the same time, but she has finished school now until January, and was still asleep.

R doesn't start college until later on a Thursday, so whilst she was awake, she was still in bed, and refused to get out! So, I just made her take my photo from her bed!

This dress has an extra bit of material that is tucked up at the front - I call this my Sheiladress, as I'm sure it would suit the lovely Sheila down to the ground (or above the knee!)

And today I will leave you with one of my favourite tree decorations. It's a little papiermache ball, painted gold, and sprinkled with sequins and glitter. I very clearly remember a very very proud just 3 year R bringing it out of nursery - and it has had pride of place on our tree ever since! (Much to her embarrassment lol!)


Janine said...

I have that dress!!! It is from Next right? I also have the next season version of it on today in my blog (I loved it so much that I bought it again the next autumn when they updated it)

You look lovely!!

Janine xx

Tat said...

I saw yours today and thought it looked similar :-). I picked mine up on eBay about 18 months ago, but I do love it's quirkiness :-). Are you going to wear yours this Dressember?

Janine said...
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Janine said...

Just had to delete my last comment as I made a typo lol...

Yep I am going to wear it as Day 27 or Day 28 (working those days) outfit :-) I got the one I wore today on ebay and the one that is exactly same as yours I got from Next outlet at McArthur Glen.

Yey for matching dresses :-)