Friday, 21 December 2012

21st Dressember 2012

I've put off wearing today's dress until today, the last day I have to wear smart clothes to the office (I'm working 2 more days this month, but we've been allowed to go casual). It's another eBay purchase, but the pattern is so bold, and it's probably a size too big for me. It's likely to be back on eBay in the new year.

I'll leave you today with Benny's pathetic attempt at a photobomb - need to try harder Jim-Jams!


Sheila said...

This is one of my favourite dresses - you know I love the bold ones!

Tat, would you consider making your pictures bigger? I'd like to see your outfit better and they're so tiny! And maybe remove your verification? The spam filter is much better now!

Janine said...

I would like to see your photos bigger too, you have such lovely dresses I want to gawp at them in all their close up glory :-)

This dress looks stunning on you and looks like it fits really well from what I can see (although I know a photo isn't the whole story when it comes to the fit of an outfit!) Could you have it taken in a touch or do it yourself as a project? It seems a shame to sell on such a pretty dress, unless you want to sell it to me? :-)

Janine xx

Tat said...

I'm using the blogger app on my phone, and I don't seem to have any choice on the photo size - I will investigate.

Is the verification on the comments?

Thank you for your comments :-)

Tat said...

Right ladies, I've been playing and think I've found a way to make the main shot bigger - although if you click on it it's rather fuzzy! I've also taken the silly word verification off the comments - I'd forgotten I'd even put it on :-)

Thank you both for your comments - I'm rather technologically challenged - and I'm taking photos with my phone as I don't have access to a pc really anymore, so I'm trying to blog from a phone and an iPad (1st gen with no camera) so I'm a little limited!