Sunday, 23 December 2012

23rd Dressember 2012

Skulls on a Sunday? I bought this from an eBay seller back in the summer, but this is it's first wearing! We went to the local farmers market this morning, and came home with the last few bits we needed for Christmas. I just need to do the wrapping now, and I think we're ready! (Well, lets just say if it's not bought now, it's not getting bought!)

And I'll leave you today with a picture of my outerwear! (I was trying to squish down the recycling to make a bit more space, and S caught this shot, and has very kindly tagged me in it on Facebook, but I thought it showed my outerwear quite well!). I have a range of scarves, but today decided to go double skulls :-)


Janine said...

Love this, I think I need to come and take your whole wardrobe hostage!!

The photo in the bin made me giggle, Mr Bertie puts me into ours too to squish it down, it's fun!

Janine xx

Tat said...

Thank you Janine - but I think it would all be a bit big for you lol!

(And nowhere near glamorous enough - you've got beautiful dresses!)