Friday, 28 December 2012

28th Dressember 2012 - part 2

We're off out for drinks and nibbles at our friends house this evening, so a quick bath and another dress was called for!

This is a red herring dress which I picked up for a song on eBay - not realising that it had a very peculiar mullet hem. I decided that I could have a go with my sewing machine (I have zero sewing skills - why I thought this might be a good idea I still don't really know!) and hacked at it with a pair of scissors in an attempt to straighten in out.

As you can imagine I ended up with a right old mess, and had to take the whole thing very shame faced to my mum, who is a bit handy with this sort of thing. After berating me, then laughing at me, she managed to sort it out, but had to make it quite short to be able to rectify my hacking!

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Janine said...

I know you said this is quite short but this length actually really suits you as you have a really petite and slim frame. I think you should wear more of this length, it really flatters you. Lovely print, you look great!

PS hooray for Mum hehe

Janine xx