Sunday, 30 December 2012

29th Dressember 2012

Today didn't turn out quite as planned! First thing this morning I decided I was fat and unfit, and needed to do something about it, so I decided to start the "couch to 5k" programme. O. M. G! It very nearly killed me, I tell you!
So after that I was the colour of a beetroot, so decided to wait to have my photo taken until after we had been to friends for lunch and a silly games afternoon.
We got home about 6.30 to 2 messages on the answer phone saying my Mum was in hospital, so I then had to hop over to see her. (She's going to be fine!). So the photo above was taken in between getting in and dashing out again!

After sitting with Mum and her other half for several hours, while they waited for a consultant and a bed on ward, I finally got home and found someone to take another photo, in better light, but a messy setting and I look rather tired!
Anyway - this is a denim dress with a star pattern from Dorothy Perkins, which came my way via eBay. I teamed it with the last of my new silver by mail haul!

Have I got a photo to leave you with today? Let's see....

Cute kitten with a moustache?


Janine said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum, glad she is going to be ok.

You are in no way fat!!! I don't know if you are unfit though (there is no way to tell from a photo lol) but good for you for starting the couch to 5K before the new year instead of waiting, I am impressed!!

I like this dress it is really different (especially with it being denim) it looks lovely on you.

Janine xx

Tat said...

Thanks Janine - I've put on about half a stone, and I have a proper belly on me - my dresses are very carefully chosen! (And you'll never see me in anything unstructured without pleats or drapey bits - so nothing like a jumper dress!)