Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Need Some Inspiration? FABruary

If you're stuck in a rut, looking for a bit of inspiration, or just want something to help you decide what to wear each day, why not join in with Imogen's FABruary?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

13th January 2013

Another Sunday, another visit to my Granny, who is still hanging in there, and was actually far more perky today than she's been since before Christmas.

I bought this spotty top on Friday, with a gift card my Mum gave me for Christmas - it's wonderfully soft and cosy :-)

And these are today's earrings. I've not worn dangly earrings for years, but S bought me these reversible moonstone/filigree beauties for Christmas. The only trouble I have with them is that they reverse themselves on a regular basis, so I look in the mirror to find that I appear to be wearing odd earrings! Nobody else seems have noticed, thankfully :-)

And I'll leave you today with my lovable Benny, completely engrossed in "stargazing live" :-)

Friday, 11 January 2013

11th January 2013

Right, I'm back!

Today I had the day off work, as I've somehow got lots of holiday to use up by the end of March. I saw on Monday that I had no meetings in my diary for today (a rare occurrence!) so took the opportunity to grab some time for myself!

I had no great plans, so decided just to head off to our local big shopping mall to give the sales a good going over! We did go as a family on the 27th, but with 2 children and a husband in tow there's really no opportunity to properly mooch!

I tried on lots and lots - I was looking for casual tops as well as smart tops for work - all those dresses have resulted in a lack of tops to go with my smart skirts and trousers! All I ended up with was I jumper (which wasn't even in the sale!) from next, which I bought with the gift card from my Mum, and a bright blue cotton shirt, which I'm mainly intending on wearing as a sun block on holidays - I had a white one last year which was fab, but the sun cream turned it yellow :-/

I topped off the stripey top with the gorgeous fat face body warmer (I refuse to go all fancy and refer to it as a gillet!) S bought me for Christmas, alongside my beautiful turquoise converse :-)

As I was wondering around Debenhams (a department store chain, for any non uk readers!) I came across the Precis section - they had exactly the same style dress as 22 (see my Dressember roundup post) in a different pattern, for £99! I paid 99p from eBay :-D

I'll leave you today with this, which made me chuckle!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dressember 2012 - a Roundup!

I've got a great little app on my phone called "framies", which has allowed me to collate all 35 dresses into 2 photos!

They're not all going to be staying in my wardrobe - 2, 14, 23 and 27 will be going on eBay, along with 11 unseen dresses. 6 unseen dresses will be allowed to stay! (Mainly party/summer holiday dresses)

I'm a little on the fence about 4, 8, 16, 18, 28, 30, 34 and 35. They'll stay for the time being, but may not make it through to Dressember 2013!

I was particularly "meh" (to coin my 17 year old's phrase") about Dressember this year, and at the beginning of November I had no intention of joining in - but I was doing the admin on the group anyway, and I kind of got sucked along with the wonderful enthusiasm!

I have enjoyed it again - I've joked with colleagues that I can't wait to get back into my jeans - but actually that's far from the reality. I do have a pair of slim leg trousers for work which I bought on 28th November which I'm itching to wear, and I probably will wear my jeans today - but I'm also quite excited about re-wearing some of the dresses I wore earlier in the month - number 1 (for example) is my smart-but-comfy daytime or evening go to, and I've missed it! 3, 7 and 12 are work staples, and would definitely have got more than 1 wear in a "normal" month.

The funny thing is, nobody noticed I was doing it - I think people are now so used to seeing me in a dress they don't even register! We went for a walk with friends on Sunday, when I was wearing 33, and they did comment I was very smart for a walk (and if anyone ever comments about my dresses I always tell them about Dressember) but I didn't feel "smart" - I just felt normal!

So, having a look at all 35 above - which do you think need to go to new homes, and which are your favourites? :-)

31st Dressember 2012

Unfortunately I was back at work again today, which was ok, actually, and I managed to achieve a lot :-)

So the first dress of the day was a rather boring, but very comfy green jersey dress, from wallis, via eBay (of course!)

After a little after work nap, I was up and at 'em, and all ready to party my way to 2013. We were at a friend's house party, so I didn't go overboard, but I got some compliments (drunk men/short dress lol!).

This is an "ax Paris" dress, which (you know what I'm going to say!) came to me via eBay :-)

What shall I leave you with today?

On of my favourite moments from 2012! Me and the girls in the Olympic stadium - we were at the Paralympics, and we'd just watched David Weir receive his second gold medal. We were just 5 rows back from the flagpoles, and it was a very proud moment :-)