Friday, 11 January 2013

11th January 2013

Right, I'm back!

Today I had the day off work, as I've somehow got lots of holiday to use up by the end of March. I saw on Monday that I had no meetings in my diary for today (a rare occurrence!) so took the opportunity to grab some time for myself!

I had no great plans, so decided just to head off to our local big shopping mall to give the sales a good going over! We did go as a family on the 27th, but with 2 children and a husband in tow there's really no opportunity to properly mooch!

I tried on lots and lots - I was looking for casual tops as well as smart tops for work - all those dresses have resulted in a lack of tops to go with my smart skirts and trousers! All I ended up with was I jumper (which wasn't even in the sale!) from next, which I bought with the gift card from my Mum, and a bright blue cotton shirt, which I'm mainly intending on wearing as a sun block on holidays - I had a white one last year which was fab, but the sun cream turned it yellow :-/

I topped off the stripey top with the gorgeous fat face body warmer (I refuse to go all fancy and refer to it as a gillet!) S bought me for Christmas, alongside my beautiful turquoise converse :-)

As I was wondering around Debenhams (a department store chain, for any non uk readers!) I came across the Precis section - they had exactly the same style dress as 22 (see my Dressember roundup post) in a different pattern, for £99! I paid 99p from eBay :-D

I'll leave you today with this, which made me chuckle!

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Janine said...

That outfit looks lovely on you. I have the same problem of no tops to go with any of my jeans, trousers and skirts because I have so many dresses! i am on the same mission as you at the moment (for more tops!)