Thursday, 28 February 2013

28th FABruary 2013 - Shades of Grey

Last day of FABruary! It's been great fun, and has really made me think a little bit out of the box! Thank you so much to Imogen for organising it!

I didn't manage the traditional 50 shades, but there were 3 shades of grey in today's outfit! I even rolled out the grey rose earrings again :-)

(I also straightened myself out after seeing my photos!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th FABruary 2013 - Sheer!

Sheer! Trust me, it doesn't show up in these photos, but this top is sheer!

I love the colours - I was searching on eBay for dresses, and this appeared in my search list - it's a new look top, but was so pretty I couldn't resist!

Last day of the challenge tomorrow - I'm not sure how I'm going to decide what to wear each day without some guidance from Imogen ;-)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

26th FABruary - going green!

Can you see what I've done? I've gone green, and I've snuck in the stripes and pattern from the weekend! Cunning!

I'm not sure about these green stripes - I bought it on clearance from Gap on Friday, but it's not quite right - any comments gratefully received, but for the meantime I've left the labels on, and taken it off after the photo, and replaced it with a black and white striped top!

Monday, 25 February 2013

25th FABruary - playing with eye shadow!

Today I played with eye shadow.

And paint stripper :-/ for 2 hours. And achieved only this.

I've not forgotten stripes and pattern - tomorrow, I promise!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

24th FABruary - well, not quite!

Stripes and pattern? Erm, no! I spent all day today stripping wallpaper from my walls and paint from my banisters - so no stripes and pattern from me today, but I will catch up tomorrow, I promise!

But don't you love my orange crocs hoody?!!! S went to Chicago for business about 7 years ago, when crocs were the latest thing, and he brought this back for me! Orange - for a cool winter type colouring? (And it has faded, alot!) When I queried his thought process he said "I thought you didn't have anything orange". He was right, and there was a good reason for that particular lack in my wardrobe, bless him :-)

I wore it to go out to the loo at night while camping (in the dark, and early mornings, when there's no one else around) for a couple of years, and now it been relegated to "decorating clothes" :-)

Right. Sorry and all that, not just for missing the stripes and pattern, but for inflicting my orange crocs hoody on you all! I shall be thrown out of the blogosphere for crimes to "fashion" :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

23rd FABruary 2013 - Pants!

"Pants" ? I'm wearing jeans, and I've got pants on underneath lol (well, knickers actually, if we're being pedantic).

I could have done "pants" better on a work day, but with it being the weekend, and I had a huge job to do (see below!) trying to get ready for our new kitchen in a few weeks time, so casual was my only option :-/

But we got the job done! The wall on the left will be going in the new arrangement.

I also got 2 new shoe racks, and tidied up our porch, which is also getting a makeover with new floor, and I'm going to have to redecorate - my least favourite task!

Friday, 22 February 2013

22nd FABruary 2013 - Animal Print!

Which to choose?! If I had been at work today it would have been a very different decision, but as I had the day off, and I was taking the girls outlet shopping in Portsmouth, it had to be my very favourite leopard print converse :-D

Thursday, 21 February 2013

21st FABruary 2013 - Something Old, Something New!

You've got to love a challenge that positively insists on "something new", haven't you :-).

This wasn't the "something new" I was planning, but the other top is sheer, so that will fit that bill instead! I just happened to spot this in Sainsburys the other night, after seeing it previously, but they've got one of their 25% off everything deals on until Monday, so I couldn't resist! Hearts and birdcages on a purple background? Why not?!

Old things? The trousers were bought on the eve of Dressember, so not really very old. The boots were bought during the first Dressember, so I've had those about 2 years.

The oldest thing in my outfit is my watch. People sometimes wonder why I wear a man's watch, but it's my Dad's, which he wore for many many years, and my Mum passed on to me when he died 5.5 years ago. Great sentimental value, and I'm not sure I'll wear another watch as long as it's ticking.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

20th FABruary 2013 - Boots!

Boots! I love boots, although I paired down my collection this winter when I purchased my "casual" boots - which you've seen a lot this month already. Today my "smart boots" got an outing!

Today's necklace used to belong to my lovely Granny, who, yes, is still hanging in there!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

19th FABruary 2013 - Style a Skirt!

Style a skirt day! I've been wearing this primark maxi skirt since last summer, along with it's sister skirt which is grey :-)

I took my colour inspiration from this pansy necklace which I picked up in the market on my summer holiday last year in Lanzarote!

Today was my first wearing of my new treat to myself from our weekend away - it called to me from a large display of rings, and just happened to be perfectly my size - it was meant to be!

And it just happens to be a perfect match for the blue topaz earrings S gave me for my birthday a few years ago :-D

Monday, 18 February 2013

18th FABruary - Feature Earrings

But really mine aren't much of a feature - so I'll share my eldest's right ear with you as well - her earrings speak volumes!

And that's me, all up to date! Normal service will resume tomorrow!

17th FABruary - Multiple Necklaces!

Multiple necklaces?

Actually not very comfortable!

16th FABruary - Scarf Fun!

Scarf Fun on Saturday - from a distance this looks like a lovely pretty floral scarf.....

But it's skulls!

15th FABruary - Coloured Shoes!

Catching up as we've been away for the weekend - so 4 quick posts from me today to bring me up to date!
Friday called for coloured shoes - and coloured shoes were what I wore!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

14th FABruary 2013 - Lace!

I only have one lace item in my wardrobe, but it is one of my favourites :-)
I picked it up on eBay a couple of years ago, it's a Next Tall (!), but it's so easy to wear, hides a multitude of sins, and always gets compliments about "what a pretty dress" (apart from one colleague, who hates it lol!)

But did I stop with the lace on my dress? No, I did not - I had laces in my shoes too :-D

(I wear walking shoes to work every day, and I then have a shoe rack under my desk with all my "work shoes" on - these have been my winter staples!)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13th FABruary 2013 - Blue!

I don't have a massive amount of blue in my wardrobe, but chose this blouse today. I've got 3 of these in different colours, and they've been a great work wardrobe staple this winter.

Please excuse the awful photo!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12th FABruary 2013 - Layer Up!

Today we were challenged to layer up! I always layer - long sleeved T's under dresses, or cardigans over to keep warm, so today wanted to do something different, which is surely what FABruary is all about?

So today I decided to wear a cut-out blouse, with a coloured long sleeved T underneath.

Rubbish photo (it was really gloomy this morning!) but I paired the shirt with my black slim legged work trousers, and black heels.

The photo below shows the colour underneath a lot better :-)

Monday, 11 February 2013

11th FABruary 2013 - Flowers!

Flowers! Can't see them?

How about now?

How about now?!

Slightly cheating a little on the theme, but I had the day off work today, and I was visiting my Gran (who is still hanging in there, and still lamenting the fact she is still here, yet was trying to plan for her 100th birthday, even though it's not until December!) which is an hour's drive each way, so comfort was a factor, and then I was meeting a couple of friends for lunch in our new "vintage cake room" in town - which was lovely :-)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

10th FABruary - Colour Blocking

Please excuse the photo bomber!
Colour blocking was Imogen's theme for the day - one which I could have easily managed on a work day, but again I had to really think of something suitable - but I'm guessing that's a lot of the point of this challenge! (Or series of challenges!).
I didn't want to just wear denim blue, as a colour, so went with these dark purply blue coloured jeans, which I bought on my birthday shopping day last year. I teamed them with the same pink cardigan as yesterday, but with a pink t-shirt to really "block" the colour. It's absolutely freezing still here in the uk (high of 4 degrees only today), so I popped on the scarf as well, just to keep me warm!

The photo below shows the colours slightly better, but still not an especially good reproduction of the trouser colour - they're almost "Cadbury" purple, but darker!

And it was obviously photobomber day - even Benny tried to get a look in while I was trying to get the trouser colour to show!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

9th FABruary 2013 - Sparkle for Daytime

Sparkle for Daytime? Time to premier my sparkly dragonfly pendant from pastimes, and absolute steal in their 70% off sale :-)

And today's outfit? not truly blogworthy! Too lumpy and bumpy, and the proportions aren't quite right - but luckily there's nothing happening in my life today! (In my defence, I did have to drop my eldest off at an Air Cadet event at somewhere half an hour away for 6.45 this morning!)

Friday, 8 February 2013

8th FABruary 2013 - Statement Ring!

As soon as I saw "statement ring" as the theme for today I knew which ring would be getting an airing :-).

This is my obsidian silver by mail ring, which my Mum bought me for Christmas not last year, the year before.

It's not at all practical for work, as it slips round my finger, unless I wear it with my silver by mail ring from this Christmas, and then bending my finger is a little uncomfortable lol!

And did I wear something to go with my beautiful ring? Of course I did :-)