Thursday, 21 February 2013

21st FABruary 2013 - Something Old, Something New!

You've got to love a challenge that positively insists on "something new", haven't you :-).

This wasn't the "something new" I was planning, but the other top is sheer, so that will fit that bill instead! I just happened to spot this in Sainsburys the other night, after seeing it previously, but they've got one of their 25% off everything deals on until Monday, so I couldn't resist! Hearts and birdcages on a purple background? Why not?!

Old things? The trousers were bought on the eve of Dressember, so not really very old. The boots were bought during the first Dressember, so I've had those about 2 years.

The oldest thing in my outfit is my watch. People sometimes wonder why I wear a man's watch, but it's my Dad's, which he wore for many many years, and my Mum passed on to me when he died 5.5 years ago. Great sentimental value, and I'm not sure I'll wear another watch as long as it's ticking.

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