Sunday, 24 February 2013

24th FABruary - well, not quite!

Stripes and pattern? Erm, no! I spent all day today stripping wallpaper from my walls and paint from my banisters - so no stripes and pattern from me today, but I will catch up tomorrow, I promise!

But don't you love my orange crocs hoody?!!! S went to Chicago for business about 7 years ago, when crocs were the latest thing, and he brought this back for me! Orange - for a cool winter type colouring? (And it has faded, alot!) When I queried his thought process he said "I thought you didn't have anything orange". He was right, and there was a good reason for that particular lack in my wardrobe, bless him :-)

I wore it to go out to the loo at night while camping (in the dark, and early mornings, when there's no one else around) for a couple of years, and now it been relegated to "decorating clothes" :-)

Right. Sorry and all that, not just for missing the stripes and pattern, but for inflicting my orange crocs hoody on you all! I shall be thrown out of the blogosphere for crimes to "fashion" :-)

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