Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5th FABruary 2013 - Belt It!

A bright red belt today! I picked this belt up on a whim in a supermarket years ago, and it has had so much wear!

Today's ring is a "spinner" - the 3 inner rings all spin independently - fab for fiddling!

I've added a picture of my hair in the sunshine this morning - I'm always surprised at how many compliments I get about my hair colour! It's a l'oreal casting creme gloss - a semi permanent that I do myself at home every 5ish weeks, and is "blackcurrant". Lots of people think I've had low lights - but the reality is the colour just takes differently on my very grey bits lol! (Should I be sharing, or just saying "oh yes, verrrrry expensive lowlights in a top salon"? ;-))

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