Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The time has come, the time to stop posting here.

I've had an absolute ball posting outfits over the years, and through this blog I feel I truly found my own sense of style, but I no longer have the time, energy or passion for daily style shots.

I'm going to carry on blogging, and I'm sure the odd style photo will make an appearance (I've got a wonderful polka dot trench coat which I really need to share!), so why not pop on over to What Tat Did Next

I will be carrying on with Dressember - this was where the whole Dressember started, but I've got another blog which I will be utilising for flocking purposes - 21st Century Frocks (see what I've done there? Lol)

Thank you all for your comments and votes - it's been fun, but onwards and upwards :-)