Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The time has come, the time to stop posting here.

I've had an absolute ball posting outfits over the years, and through this blog I feel I truly found my own sense of style, but I no longer have the time, energy or passion for daily style shots.

I'm going to carry on blogging, and I'm sure the odd style photo will make an appearance (I've got a wonderful polka dot trench coat which I really need to share!), so why not pop on over to What Tat Did Next

I will be carrying on with Dressember - this was where the whole Dressember started, but I've got another blog which I will be utilising for flocking purposes - 21st Century Frocks (see what I've done there? Lol)

Thank you all for your comments and votes - it's been fun, but onwards and upwards :-)


peach said...

nice blog xx peach


blythe said...

Hi Katie! I've been trying to track you down and hopefully I'll succeed via your blog....!

As you'll remember, we had contact regarding Dressember, and you so graciously made me an admin of the FB Dressember page. I've never had any success in getting in touch with Juliet, and I fear that I may have somehow inadvertently rubbed her the wrong way (perhaps by aligning Dressember with global nonprofit International Justice Mission). She appears to have removed me as admin of the FB page, and still hasn't responded to any of my messages. I was hoping you might be able to help! Even if it's just ton confirm how or why I might have upset her, and pass along my apologies.

If you're curious to see where I've gone with Dressember, you can check out the site I built, here: www.dressember.net
Hope you like it, and hope you're well!

all my best,